Making an application out of a web site with Nativefier

Making an application out of a web site with Nativefier

My preferred approach, after installing of course:

cd ~/Applications/** nativefier –name “RiparianZoneSlack” “”** Packaging app for platform linux x64 using electron v1.1.3 App built to /home/mlncn/Applications/RiparianZoneSlack-linux-x64

See how the icon file is stored: ls RiparianZoneSlack-linux-x64/resources/app/

Create a .desktop file for the application in ~/.local/share/applications vi ~/.local/share/applications/RiparianZoneSlack.desktop

And add an appropriately modified version of this:

[Desktop Entry] Comment=Chat space for Bridget and Ben Terminal=false Name=Riparian Zone Slack** Exec=/home/mlncn/Applications/RiparianZoneSlack-linux-x64/RiparianZoneSlack Type=Application Icon=/home/mlncn/Applications/RiparianZoneSlack-linux-x64/resources/app/icon.ico Categories=Network; ** (Turns out the .ico icon doesn’t get displayed in Debian Mint at least, so i put in a .jpg and changed the path to that– not clear JPEG works for the application switcher view; it either doesn’t or that view is cached, so a PNG would be safest bet.)

c: 2016 November 6, Sunday, 4:55 PM

Currently, follow the same steps as above to update the application to use a later version of the chrome browser— after updating nativifier itself:

sudo npm update -g nativefier

Then identifying the latest version of electron (just the numbers; ignore the beta)

And repackage like so:

nativefier -e 1.6.8 –name “RiparianZoneSlack” “

Older versions will have to have their .desktop file updated so that the Exec line points to the new style of naming, namely, riparian-zone-slack instead of RiparianZoneSlack.

Oh dear: … ah no i’m not ready to start maintaining a dozen variations of the application icon stored in the operating system completely