transferring files between two computers that are bloody next to each other

Bluetooth, as i have always believed, is worse than useless, but all this was so annoying i did give it another try. I transferred one 2.7 MB file successfully (after a couple obligatory bluetooth patented errors, but the ‘send to bluetooth’ function on Debian Mint anticipated that and had a retry button), took less than five minutes, which was exciting, but trying to transfer any more than that at a time failed every time.

Set up filesharing:

sudo apt install gnome-user-share

transfer files between computers with USB ubuntu USB-A to USB-C transfer


transfer files between two computers connected by ethernet cable

OK… everything looks right after following the below but they cannot ping each other…

I was able to ping in one direction, from old computer to new, so i tried to set up an FTP server on the new computer:

but i always got connection refused, no matter what.

Finally found a second ethernet cable and plugged both into the router for reasonably stable quick transfer.

But the drag-and-drop in the finder would still flake out.

And rsync -ar would eventually get stuck.

Ultimately this seems to work, from

and i need to remember the –progress flag next time. Every time it gets to a big file i just hope it’s at a big file, and hasn’t stalled entirely. Presumably a .tar.bz2 file might be quite large. But it’s been ten minutes. The previous symptom was that it just stopped for hours, no error; hence the first search term below. The second, more useful error to search for was only shown after i ctrl+c’d out.

does rsync time out? rsynk mkstemp failed Operation not supported (95)

Now it’s been an hour on that tar.bz2 file. How can i tell for certain if it’s transferring or just stuck?