external battery pack for a beast of a laptop

external battery pack for laptop 19V 8 amp 150W


Nothing on this list will do it:


Still no…. https://www.bixpower.com/Bat-BP220-p/bat-bp220.htm

Couldn’t find anything on “The Battery Geeks” — even their ultimate battery option - http://www.thebatterygeeks.com/product-p/ev-38c.htm - isn’t rated for this. So i wrote them:

Do you have a 19V, 7.89A (or a 19.5V, 7.7A) battery pack that could power my System76 Oryx Pro?

Didn’t realize how hard this would be to find when i got this new laptop— i didn’t even look at the power input specifications.

… and that e-mail, to support@thebatterygeeks.com, bounced or at least partially bounced with “Final-Recipient” margie@novuscellbatteries.com

UPDATE: Pretty sure i mis-interpreted the laptop power consumption requirements, and many other batteries could actually support it.