Gaining access to critical files on a Nexus 5 Android with a broken screen

recover two-factor authentication from cell phone nexus5 broken screen transfer freeOTP to new phone android

search: use nexus5 with broken screen with external monitor

Unfortunately most of these require that you have enabled Android debugging before the screen died:

android install app remotely through google

That just works through Google Play. Question is, will the new feature of asking permissions mean it can’t be used to see the screen?

So i asked DuckDuckGo “is nexus5 otg-compitable”, and it figured out i meant compatible, and gave me the answer, no, but also the workaround, this:

False paths. Installed in Chromium rather than messing around with their rather third-class citizen GNU/Linux options, (that are nonetheless linked directly, to that issue, from their downloads page!)

So FreeOTP is just a bad choice.

Update 2019-09-12: Still haven’t gained access.