date: 2018-07-22 title: Getting Git Interactive singlekey mode to work on Debian and Ubuntu publish: true

missing Term::ReadKey, disabling interactive.singlekey

Learning about Git Interactive singlekey mode and being reminded how early i was on the TIL bandwagon

Via Sam Boyer via Jen Lampton i learned about “setting interactive.singlekey = true in ~/.gitconfig makes git {add,checkout,reset} -p soooo much nicer” which led me to to understand it better which led me to so today i learned i’ve been doing TIL since way before it was a thing, with (now that’s shunted to

c: 2018 February 19, Monday, 10:40 PM

TODO make work Then #AgaricShow&Tell

missing Term::ReadKey, disabling interactive.singlekey

… this is supposed to be fixed in the next version of Git, but i’m not sure how to upgrade

u: 2018 April 11, Wednesday, 3:30 PM

sudo apt install libterm-readkey-perl

seems to fix it.

Credit to Junio C Hamano.

Side note

It’s interesting that a package manager called Nix had run into a somehow related problem and implemented a fix. It speaks well of Nix that they’ve fixed it and some combination of Git, Debian, and Ubuntu have not. They have an interesting approach to ensure anything can be rolled back, too.