OK so i just want a good collaborative Markdown editor

Looks like this is something Drutopia is going to have to provide.

In the running

Standard Notes Realtime Collaborative Markdown Editor (experimental)

The best option may be from leading LibreSaaS company Standard Notes, but their Realtime Collaborative Markdown Editor only exists as an experimental extension right now, and as they note the hosted version may only stay available to paying subscribers on their Extended plan.

Here’s an example:


The ‘Markdown’ aspect of it seems to be only in that it does highlighting of Markdown elements, but at least it’s not encouraging non-markdown markup.

It uses Chainpad and CodeMirror.


https://github.com/benweet/stackedit In-browser Markdown editor https://stackedit.io/ is close, but it relies on Google Drive for its real-time synchronization.

Defunct and/or Proprietary

The future

Update: The future in the present?

ProseMirror is the example i see most often as the best example of YJS, and it has Markdown: https://github.com/prosemirror/prosemirror-markdown#readme

On collaborative document editing (that is libre/free software and can be self-hosted) generally, this is getting way into the techy weeds but i think things implementing https://github.com/yjs/yjs/ is likely the future engine but an editor called Slate might be easier now.

A great overview of the underlying OT vs CRDT debate is here: https://www.tiny.cloud/blog/real-time-collaboration-ot-vs-crdt/

More notes from folks on OT, CRDT, Slate, YJS, automerge… https://www.gitmemory.com/issue/ianstormtaylor/slate/259/502225328

More: Response to “Real Differences between OT and CRDT for Co-Editors”

I should note i learned about yjs from Tag1, https://www.tag1consulting.com/blog/deep-dive-real-time-collaborative-editing-solutions-tagteamtalk-001-0

Problems with Quill (one of the editors that uses YJS), https://medium.com/the-lead/why-we-moved-from-quill-to-slate-94f42aa54fec

Slate docs: https://docs.slatejs.org/

Way too long thread on Slate ultimately not using YJS: https://github.com/ianstormtaylor/slate/issues/259

Nonetheless YJS is actively discussing providing bindings for Slate: https://discuss.yjs.dev/t/slate-js-bindings/59/12

Discussion about having all this and awesome wiki interlinks for Holochain ecosystem, https://forum.holochain.org/t/holo-txt-collaborative-notes-editing-on-holochain/1554/18