Search for files containing multiple keywords in Atom or frankly anything

atom search multiple non-contiguous words across files ubuntu search full text of files in directory for multiple non-contiguous words

Someone else looking for the same thing; i commented there:

How to search for multiple terms in a file?

This is why Tomboy is so hard to replace.

The Unix philosophy is small tools working together. Where’s the *nix tool for quickly and easily searching a collection of text files using multiple keywords?

Can i tell updatedb to be hypervigilant about a particular directory, my text notes directory? And then do an alias for locate that just works easily to do this?

Tried and rejected more direct Tomboy replacements include:

This one gives results even if only one word is in the file:

gnu/linux local find

… how can this be so complicated???

Atom Fuzzy Grep looked promising already has a related issue: … but as it’s relying on the various grep-like things i’ve been looking at above, it’s unlikely to get this functionality to search multiple words independent of order.

Programs i installed on Ubuntu that i need to try:

Not installed yet: