title: Get Github issue title from URL and format as Markdown link in Atom editor date: 2018-07-23

In writing about a GitHub issue i wanted to get the title of that issue and format it as a Markdown link— and i wanted that done automatically, for me. So instead of spending 5 seconds formatting it myself, i spent 15 minutes figuring this out. (It took longer, actually, because i kept being distracted by interesting but irrelevant packages.) The good news:

There’s a package for that!


Use it by typing ctrl+alt+R

It does not appear in the Packages menu, as far as i can tell. To figure out that shortcut on my system i had to finally (re)learn about Atom’s vaunted command palette. Its shortcut key is ctrl+shift+P, but that’s pretty awkward on Dvorak so i’ll probably change it… but that’s a note for another day.

TODO: Extend this package for GitLab URLs.