title: public vs private at Agaric (posted in a private note for now)
date: 2018-07-25

mlncn, should the daily standup be public? both a public pad and shared on the public irc channel? 14:15 dinarcon_: well unlike pad.drutopia.org there’s no public list of riseup pads, so it’s public only in the sense of IRC people. So i think yes it’s OK how it is in the sense of it’s for ‘contractor-level’ Agaric-affiliates (realistically, only full time or temporarily full time contractors) 14:16 but stuff put there can’t really be deleted… it should be kept to what it is, just short notes of what we’re working on and links to issues that actually are kept private (so no putting public pads in there) 14:17 i’m hoping later this week / weekend to figure out what’s up with pad.drutopia so we can reasonably go back to using private pads that can be deleted 14:17 <dinarcon_> mlncn, it seems too much information for anyone in the public channel to see. and today, only the ones here have to use the pad. Marting for example would not enter info there. So I would keep it private for ourselves. 14:17 in one of my distractions i was looking for real-time collaboration that’s markdown-native, but didn’t find anything good 14:18 brb 14:18 that’s only since we all became worker-owners again in the past three weeks 14:19 but if you want to move the pad, sure… but… we should just throw anyone we don’t trust to know what we’re doing out of #agaric 14:20 <dinarcon_> it is not about trust. it is about confidential information. jelkner for example does not need to know what we do on a daily basis. 14:21 <dinarcon_> and if a contractor comes by, we send the link privately and they fill out daily

Not posted, to be turned into a judicious, sagacious, policy proposal:

This keeps coming up and i guess we’re going to have to decide on a company-wide default. Why keep what we’re doing (or insert thing X here) confidential? The only possible scenario i can imagine where jelkner, say, seeing what we’re working on could be a problem is if he divines from ‘work on Y proposal’ that we’re submitting a proposal and chooses to find the RFP and put in a competing bid. Far more likely, he’ll offer some information he happens to know about the client or project, or propose working together to put in a stronger bid. Most likely of all, of course, is nothing of either kind happens. In a risk/reward calculation, though, we have so much more to gain than lose if we are open by default and keep things confidential when necessary.