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Welcome to Government iUpdate

To safeguard your business identity, Government iUpdate has an authentication security protocol that establishes association between you and the business(es) you select and confirms you ‘are who you say you are’ by asking you to answer a few individual based challenge questions. Reminder, you must be a principal, owner, officer or responsible manager of the entity for which you are requesting to view, establish or modify.

MESSAGE FOR THOSE REQUESTING CHANGES: To better serve all customers at this time, the only changes to an existing D-U-N-S record that will be made through this site are those data elements required for SAM.gov. Those data elements are:

Business Name Primary Doing Business As (DBA) Name Physical Address (address, city, state, zip) - (Reminder: Personal Mailbox and virtual offices will not be accepted) Branch & Subsidiary Locations

We apologize for any inconvenience. If any other data fields on your record need to be updated call 1-866-705-5711 for assistance.

And then: