In Gitlab, how do i make it so issues are automatically labeled 'Needs final review' instead of closing the issue when merge request accepted?

… i know there’s an issue in GitLab’s own queue talking about this also, supporting workflows where instead of closed a new label should be added and a current label removed.

This came up again (2019-01-10).

if you don’t want those issues closed automatically, don’t put anything like “Fixes #177” in your git comments or merge request (which may be automatic; i feel like we’ve been through this before but i can’t remember if there was a setting to turn it off) i’ll try to keep a look out also; i guess we mostly haven’t been creating merge requests from issues. This is worth documenting, because ideally a merge request is associated with an issue (which can automatically be done by having the number at the start of the name i think) but never that it closes it