showing Atom projects with different themes or styles so its clear which i'm in

I want my journal to appear differently from raw notes, for example.

IF this works (hasn’t yet), update this forum question with the answer:

@lcioffi a bit late on this reply, but it appears there is a way if you’re willing to install the Package Manager package, install some extra themes, and edit your ~/.atom/projects.cson file as shown in this answer:

Note: “Environment Specific Projects” is not documented but has nothing to do with this; do not enable/disable in the middle of getting this to work (enabling it made it expect the .atom/projects.cson file to be at .atom/my-computer-name.projects.cson instead).

Danger… other project-specific stuff not working:

TODO the above

Also TODO edit the searched words snippet thing to place the cursor in the center– pretty sure that’s in the basic examples.