2018-08-01 talking with Paul Fulton

We’re looking to build a platform that meets the needs of small and medium-sized not-for-profits at first, but really looking forward to how larger numbers of people work together to achieve ever more ambitious goals. Therefore both needs of nonprofits and diverse stakeholders are very much in our interest to learn more about. Formally, we’re likely to go with two cooperatives (software and platform), each with one class of stakeholders, although people in one class will be filling different roles (site owner, site development professional, software/platform maintainer).

Me to Paul - what needs have you seen?

Paul: Communication with the general public, from what i’ve seen it’s very important

there are folks [out there] thinking about whatever issue

communication, especially for a small group, and you can’t get your message out on facebook anymore, and it’s more a pay to show your content type of deal; don’t get your message out as much as you might have done.

Women’s marches and that sort of thing; for me, it might be too late. I might already have prior engagements for that day. I have apointment already.. if i’d known ahead of time.

Timing, getting that word out

You have to think of it as a marketing strategy.

Funding is a big problem. Pay even more to put an ad on TV or a sygn up somewhere.

If site’s could generate income

If it’s geared specifically toward non-profits… larger will have resources, think about Red Cross. They might feel the pinch, but they have money to advertise, to get the word out.

or get people to vote don’t have that know-how or access to more resources, that’s going to hurt their cause i’ve been a part of a few organizations lot younger, started a bicycle co-op, lasted 3-5 years kind of an overwhelming experience as a bunch of punk kids, decided we’d fix bikes for free, teach people how to build bikes, fix bikes… but it’s 20-30 hours a week, not getting paid, and working 40-50 hours a week How am i supposed to keep this going bills, having kids, trying to start a family got to feed my kids doing stuff for free doesn’t cut it at the time, felt weird taking a paycheck when it’s not-for-profit starting a B-Corporation or not-for-profit, having someone there all the time makes all the difference Someone answering the phone

Having someone there when people want to volunteer

Three barriers/opportunities:

  1. Access to capital
  2. Broader communication
  3. Someone whose going to be there all the time, or business hours

if it’s a march, someone needs to get permit from the city or cops shut you down either seen as rabblerousers, or no one even sees your message

Me: Working with groups with different motivations?

stakeholders Everyone’s got a dog in the fight everyone has their idea of how things should go sitt

319 project in Western South Dakota - part 319 of the Clean Water Act, how [EPA] gives grants

agency of department of agriculture, we’re on the board they get so much money from the grant

water course through agriculture, small town, lots of homes, and some vacation houses - lot of them didn’t have sewer, but septic tank

waste from livestock and 100 year old septic tanks

raising bacteria levels

give money to check septic tank and cost shared or full cost covering replaced septic tank

working for best farm practices a lot had cattle drinking out of the creek… do their business right there

stabilize the bank, provide some shade for the fish

and then bioengineering, physically planting willows, stabilization with rocks

i’m sure people in the watershed had heard of it

EPA grant only got so much money

Why don’t we work with the trout fishing clubs? Having a better water course would be a draw for them.

popular area to do some trout fishing

could put in some fish hotels; an overhang built into the bank, secured with logs, helps stabilize the bank

problem with this stream it was exceeding temperatures for the fish; they like cool water. That’s why willows or bank itself over water is key.

Failure on my part, don’t know if delivery or what– it did not go over well. My role on advisory board was advising county committee. And they thought that having anything to do with a recreational club, and any use of federal money for that would be a misuse.

NCRS does work with hunting groups,

politically conservative, did not like that idea.

Everyone should have a kind of equal voice.

Not much movement on second phase of that project because there’s been so much resistance by the county committee to the recommendations of the panel of experts.

Always have to ask: What do the other stakeholders want?

Tribal government - three or four different entities in the tribe, finance and such Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Reclamation

4 inch PVC pipe, serviced over 100,000 acres of range land, miles and miles of pipe

got it done, got it put in

red lines, went back over the design; it all met NCRS standards and specification

Bureau of Reclamation says this pump house needs a meter. They’d had our designs, which we said met our specifications. They looked at the manual, the tribe looked at it, called the boilerplate, everyone had to look at it.

What the parties’ expectations are, may have to dig in.

That was an extra cost to the tribe, to put in the meter. Definitely a learning process for me.

Description a little bit

Still with NRCS

might be able to do some nights and weekends up to 20 hours

i’m working about an hour and a half South of the twin cities

looking for a bit more life balance

won’t be able to pick up my kid

i can start out part time, if the work load’s not that great

could maybe get another part-time job, maybe make up for lost income

I still don’t know how we’ll run