Link to create a new issue in GitLab with a specific issue template selected

While we’re here, some documentation for issue templates that’s not so hard to find, but that i still had to search for.

On issue templates in general:

To set a default title from within the issue template, use:

/title Here is a default title

Note that it is a default title. Unfortunately it’s not filled in for the edit window when it’s opened, but it will be used if the issue author leaves the subject blank [actually, TODO check this, can the form be submitted with the title blank?] Crucially, if the issue poster does provide a title, this won’t overwrite it.

UPDATE: Here’s how to set the title when linking to a new issue:


Putting it all together:[title]=Some%20title

Or a live example:[title]=New%20release

And the shockingly hard to find documentation:

… i could not find my own documentation and re-documented here.