2018-08-02 talking with Jessa Boyer about Visions Unite ops job

co-own a busines with my partner

lots of work that has to be done

I went to school for entrepreneurship and business management

I worked as an office manager 2005-2012; get all administrative tasks

use peach tree; haven’t touched it in a while

Lean Canvas?

More than likely continuing education in operations management

once a week

My fiancee started it in 2007; i was helping him promote his business prior to being together. I was working with a different troup. I helped him rework how he handled his company. So we founded it between me, him, and another partner.

It’s grown exponentially. I really think restructuring from the ground up is necessary. When i’m not on phone doing stuff

Chicago Ave. Fire Arts Center – great non-profit.

grinding metal $20+ in a bunch of things

something i can work from home

i’m a really good multitasker

What motivated you to follow up at least three times?

It’s an entrepreneurial avenue

needs to get its feet on the ground have a way of seeing things when they’re not working

then do ops management

want to help CAFAC (Chicago Ave Fire Arts Center) can help them save money

Experience with promotion

My Fiancee is director of digital marketing he’s taught me a ton we use hubspot for insfire he’s been teaching me a lot about Salesforce tons of social media trying to get ads out promo material favorite thing is plastering people with cards been mostly Insphyre, because it’s flashy.

CAFAC has someone doing promotion already.

The machine shop i ops-job’d for

find the right person at an org for Insphyre?

Lot of research, send the e-mail out

having the e-mail written up

that’s how i have to do things.

looking for downtown Minneapolis businesses depends how on top of it we are– quicker we respond, the more likely we are to land the gig if i don’t get to someone within an hour or so very competitive for fire performance

Daily schedule

Every other week don’t have structure a little structure with pay will be nice