Replacing or improving the graphical vim experience on Ubuntu

but couldn’t figure out which graphical interface i should install (neovim-qt is available through the PopOS store, at least )

So i just changed the shortcuts for copy and paste to be like normal. Selecting text with the mouse and pressing Ctrl+C now works. I’m not sure i’ve ever used or needed anything more graphical out of my text editors than that.

Changing the shortcuts was just a matter of Edit ┬╗ Preferences and selecting the shortcuts tab. So easy to find and change. I have been loving this about Ubuntu 18.04 (or PopOS, i’m not sure which to credit).

I’d trained myself to use Shift-Ctrl-C and Shift-Ctrl-V when on the command line, but i could never get myself to stop using Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V

Most important, integration with the regular clipboard works out of the box (or at least with what i have in my .vim)

And somehow, Ctrl+Shift+C has magically taken over Ctrl+C’s old role of interrupting processes (shutting down simple scripts like local webservers like php -S or gollum).

I’m following to reuse my ~/Projects/mlncn/scripts/.vim_custom but it’s not working.

Began suspecting maybe all my vundle-loaded plugins might be breaking neovim (silently?)

Neovim doesn’t seem to be producing a log file either.

And'debug' seems unlikely to be useful for startup (or initialization) errors, even if i could get it working.