startup accelerator application

We have two (envisioned) cooperatives that can apply for this:

  1. The not-for-profit (ish) software cooperative
  2. The software as a service (LibreSaas) platform cooperative

With the prospect of a little mentorship and money for one or both, it’s a good time to revisit the roles we each would like to play in one or both.

Apply to Start.Coop


Company Information

One line pitch

Explain your idea in 140 characters.

What is your mission or vision?

Why does your co-op exist? If you have a mission or vision statement, please share it with us.

Website or Linkedin profile

Your website if you have it, if not please provide your LinkedIn profile

Start date?

When did this project/company begin? If incorporated, use that date. Otherwise, estimate the month and year when you started this project.

Business Summary

What is the problem?

What is the problem that your business addresses? What pain are you addressing? What gain are you providing?

Your solution?

What product(s) and/or service(s) does your business provide? How does it solve the problem you are solving?

Business model?

How will you generate revenue? One-time payments, product payments, subscription, freemium; direct sales, retail sales, other indirect sales, etc.

Opportunity size?

How big is the market for your solution? How many people have the problem you are solving? How many do you expect will ultimately pay to solve the problem? Is this a local business for a single city? A national business? An international business?


How else is this problem solved today? Who are your competitors? Who else serves your potential members in a similar capacity? What is different/better that sets your solution apart from the competition?

What are the biggest challenges you anticipate?

How far along are you?

Where are you in the process? How many prospective members have you talked to? If your co-op has already formed, how many members do you have?

What is current revenue to date? (if any)


Tell us more about you

Tell us more about you! What’s your background? Have you worked previously in the field or sector that you will be serving? Why is this your passion? Are you prepared to spend 10-12 weeks of intensity to bring your co-op to the next level through our accelerator? What vision, skills, and expertise do you bring to your company?

Who else is on your team?

We know it take a great team to build a great co-op. Tell us who else is on your team, and what their roles are.

Who is on your planning team or advisory council?

Do you have any prospective members or partners already engaged?


What do you want out of this?

What do you want to get out of the accelerator? Are you most looking for investment, mentorship, business model planning, or something else? What are your pressing needs to make your business thrive, or to make your idea a reality?

How did you hear about

Anything else should we know?

What else should we know about you, your co-op, or your circumstances?