Notes on creating an Octavia subtheme for Drutopia

Currently we need a hook_library_info_alter() in order to replace Bulma’s inclusion of bulma CSS with our own (so we can use the power of Sass, including setting variables that are incorporated throughout the framework).

In this sense, we are following precisely how Octavia does it:

It’s a tad confusing in the sense that no matter how many subsubsubthemes you might go, you’re always overriding Bulma theme’s global css base, not any of the intermediate subthemes.

Is this a better way to do it? (via

TODO study how Hubs4Change’s Enzian theme handles this:

What wwas working fine up through at least Drupal 8.7.1:

In my subtheme of Octavia, which needed to override the overriding that Octavia did:

-        assets/bulma/css/bulma.css: dist/css/global.css
+        /themes/contrib/octavia/dist/css/bulma.css: dist/css/global.css

Override the Bulma CSS that Octavia is overriding

There's a bug that requires giving the absolute path:

Doing it this way (or the way Octavia itself does it) is important so that the order
of loading is maintained; this way Bulma with all our customizations can still give
precedence to the corrections that Bulma theme and Octavia provided, because those
overrides are loaded after our customized Bulma.