looking at log files on MayFirst servers

10:35 hi all. is there some replacement for rsyslog that is the de facto standard for mayfirst? My expectation was to see rsyslog logging locally, but it was explicity removed some time ago, and I haven’t located a replacement. 10:36 <@jamie> wolcen: starting with debian stretch, we have purged rsyslog in favor of journalctl 10:38 jamie: oh thank god, there IS logging lol 10:38 <@jamie> :) 10:38 jamie: I was about to freak out :P 10:38 thank you! 10:38 <@jamie> journalctl is a lot more flexible than writing to text files, but it takes some getting used to 10:39 (while I’ve gotten used to systemctl, journalctl hadn’t stuck to me…yet) 10:39 <@jamie> i found the –since flag very helpful 10:39 <@jamie> and the -u flag allows you to easily limit to a given service 10:39 jamie: I bet, yeah. yep - I’ve seen y’all use that one in the support tickets. excellent! 10:40 jamie: -u…I hadn’t noticed since yet. awesomesauce