Battery test of the System76 Oryx laptop, 2018 17" edition.

Opened the lid at 7:32am starting from a full charge. It turned to 7:33 in less than a minute but we’ll spot this power-hungry beast the extra 30 seconds.

Firefox and its affiliated Web Content processes are leading the pack at 2% to 15% of a processor apiece — out of a possible 1200% for the twelve processors this thing has.

Atom is using a 2-12% for each of its two processors, and several virtualbox virtual machines are using a couple percents apiece.

Now at 94% at 7:39, it is set to Intel graphics and currently thinks it will get more than four hours, 4:11 to be precise, which would put us at 11:50am on the dot.

7:42, 93%, and it thinks it’ll get 5:05 more but that’s just crazy talk; we won’t embarass it.

Used Thunderbird for a minute, it boosted itself to 50% or more of a single processor, and with 92% at 7:44 Oryx has already revised it’s estimate to just 3:36 remaining.

7:47, i just shut down one of the VMs. 91% and estimating 3:26 remaining.

7:50, 90%, and 4:58 estimated remaining— this is worse than the windows file download dialog!

gnome shell uses a bit more - got a notificaion through gsconnect - and at 7:53 and 89% it estimates 1:48 remaining!!

It’s worth noting that my Pomodoro app, which i believe might be a memory leaker or power glutton of some kind, is not running.

7:55, 88%, and back up to 4:03 remaining. I’m going to stop looking at this wild fluctuation without clear cause and just use the computer as normal and see how long it lasts.

OK, i lied about the Pomodoro app. Apparently closing the countdown window doesn’t stop the app, and it was running happily in the background, and it just told me to take a break.

7:59, 86%, 4:08 alleged remaining.

8:04, 85%, 4:03 alleged remaining. (I just can’t help myself and that’s after 5 minutes using in Firefox so that’s an excellent time to show stability in the estimate!)

Do note that i’m inside with early morning light (these times are Eastern, i’m in Minneapolis) so the brightness is all the way down.

8:16, 79%, 3:06 reportedly remaining. Just doing more web research in these past dozen minutes.

9:01, 63%, 2:41 it’s been split command line and browser work, and it just got a couple minutes of having the screen off, after 8 minutes of inactivity during an extended 5 minute pomodoro break.

9:32, 48%, 2:04 estimated remaining and i had to increase the screen brightness a couple ticks.

11:06, 5%, 0:12 estimated remaining. This is the end. It did not make its four hour estimate. Did slightly better than three and a half though.

It made it to 11:10 before saying it would suspend if not plugged in. It did last the 20 seconds it took me to walk to the plug.