The ongoing search for a solution that will search my open tabs and find the match i'm looking for Expected matches not coming up in search

I have 247 tabs open (so that might be the problem… it’s definitely a problem). Also, i just installed the plugin. If it takes some time to index, i apologize for this report.

One of my open tabs is this one:

Which has the title Site launch checklist (#12) · Issues · drutopia/platform / sites / family-home · Gitlab

When i bring up tab search (all settings default, fuzzy search on etc.) and type in:

gitlab drutopia family

I expect to get that tab. I do not. It’s not merely not first in the list, it’s not in the results at all. Instead, tab search seems to be using only the last word of several searched for its matches, and limiting the total results displayed somehow also.

(When starting a new tab, Firefox itself used to be infallible in suggesting tabs that matched the words in any order. It no longer is, which is why i’m looking for a separate tab search. So there may be an underlying Firefox issue here, but since tab search implements its own searching algorithm i’m hoping it can overcome Firefox’s deficiencies.)