Promoting a LocalFirst web site platform built on Drutopia by Agaric

Dear @bealocalist, for a local Buy Local group the @agaric web dev coop is proposing building a fully featured site: business profiles, resource directory, multilingual — do you know other local first groups that would want in on a #platformcoop with this? #coops #localism 12:37 PM - 31 Aug 2018 1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes Reply 1 Retweet Like View Tweet activity New conversation

Benjamin Melançon ‏

@mlncn 38m38 minutes ago More Support and design for #localfirst sites could stay local! (And it’s free/libre software so the hosting too.) But we’re looking to share the cost of making really good, accessible, mobile responsive sites with structured content that search engines and voice assistants can use

Hi @theAMIBA! We’re planning to work on a #BuyLocal site with business profiles, resource directory, multilingual, content—the works—for a local #LocalFirst organization and are wondering if you know members who might be interested in getting on a #platformcoop #libreSaaS with all this cc @agaric

Kristian Rink ‏ @kr428

#libresaas is my take on what’s wrong with some of the current cloud vs. self-hosted dispute and how we might fix it without making things even worse. Comments welcome. … 5:56 am - 9 Jun 2018

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Benjamin Melançon

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    Benjamin Melançon
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Replying to @kr428

Couldn’t agree more! We registered / put up a placeholder web site a while back: (currently just an etherpad)- want to work together?

For which we’re working to build both #LibreSaaS and #PlatformCoop (see ) 0 replies . 0 retweets 0 likes

Kristian Rink @kr428

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cedewey: i wouldn’t recommend it be directly on their home page, but we could put pins (from the business directory data) on for 8 complexity points; 16 hours