Posting to Twitter from a Drupal site

The eponymous Twitter module does not have a release for Drupal 8 yet (though it’s in progress). I don’t think it’s the preferred solution anyhow though. (The in-progress branch has been abandoned, and it is not going to be upgraded.)

The option we’re taking with Drutopia is to build on the Social Post suite of modules. This means using the Social Post Twitter module to post to twitter.

2021 December 28 and we are working on upgrading and fixing Social Post Twitter for Drupal 9, really disappointed that the Drupal ecosystem is so weak now that no one got there before us.

First, the option of custom code and not using Social Post is well explained Philip Norton.

Keegan of Agaric and another contributor are making progress on Social Post Facebook.

For Twitter though and anything else it would support i would rather standardize on Bridgy.