Notes from talking to MASS Design Group sometime earlier in the fall

invited for a solo exhibition at the National Building Museum; 3,000 square feet. Will have monograph publication at the same time. May want major changes.

Purposebuilt - copy-pasting into

In the middle of an organizational restructure. Created a Narrative team: Curation and of our content - from conducting impact evaluations to writing a theoretical criticisma bout the field of architecture. The second one is how we communicate to the broader audience; who are we communicating to and how. Third specifically philanthropic audiences. 2/3 fee for service, 1/3 philanthropic unrestricted funding.

Boston and Kigali offices. Poughkipsie

Regina: I run the narrative team; i can direct

Brianne and Julia working on different parts of our web site, social media.

And five other people.

HR handles