a todo list as compelling as twitter

Something i feel i need for myself, sometimes, is a todo list that sucks me in, that puts my timewasting time to good use.

This shouldn’t be that hard for me. I spin off a million ideas and things i’d like to do or just learn more about. But for reasons ranging from the technological (haven’t found a tool that can actually capture all the things i want to follow up on) to the psychological (unwillingness to be regularly reminded that i’ll never follow up on most of the things i think i want to do) i have nothing to channel distraction-needing time in a productive direction.

Something that could mix bite-sized learning (both queued by myself and suggested by trusted others) with a range of tasks (both that i’ve defined for myself and that have been defined for me by coworkers or community members), such that it would work a lot like a scrolling media feed, where i skim over and cherry pick and dive in to read sometimes and reply or take some other action occasionally, would help me a great deal i think.