View modes for fields to allow easy definition of custom templates for sets of fields

I want view modes for fields. This revelation is courtesy of the stimulating environment at the frontend summit at BADcamp.

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mlncn [5:28 PM] As a site builder, i want to be able to set what template a field should use. Say i have a set of fields all of which are ‘detail fields’ – should look like this: Screenshot_2018-10-25 Case Study Agaric.png

mlncn [5:38 PM] This is a usual text field and i have 15 i want to look like that. But not every text field should look like that, of course— but i don’t want to have 15 identical templates either. There’s Fences and there’s Display Suite’s field templates, which has a handful of hard-coded ‘flavors’ to which a developer could add more— but why not have view modes, display modes, for Fields exactly as we have them for nodes (Content), Custom blocks, Comments, Contact messages, Paragraphs, Taxonomy Terms, Users, and if you have them Groups, Paragraphs, etc. You get the picture. We have a working model; any reason to invent something new for fields or can we go ahead and implement display modes for fields?