More Drutopia thoughts- values, justice, collaboration

Values, based on facts:

There are massive

We are not ashamed of our empathy. (borrowing from Kathleen Murtagh)

Collaboration before code.

Start the project on GitLab before there’s any code, even if there’s a strong chance that there won’t ever be any code.

Based on who sponsors Drupal events, the money in Drupal is entirely with the specialized hosting providers. Drupal as a Service like Drutopia is potentially a way to bring some of that money into funding software development.

(Or maybe better for them not to live on GitLab during ideation, but use a GitLab API for bringing )

Projects for me to post

Drupal user groups! If you want to be able to hack a bit on Drupal 8 for your local web site


Competitor (and model for Drupal project Campaign Kit)


UC Davis

Finally gave in - people bugging us for this i knew were good front-end developers

they’re managing too many sites, they just want to throw flexbox in some weird ways. We only allow so many characters.

If you add more than 100 lines of CSS to this window, you should be subtheming.

problem could be easily solved by another module, so have some in the system but off by default

I started working there 5 years ago, they were trying to figure out how many sites we had, what servers they were on. There was the central infrastructure

Acquia or something did a scan on our domain name– 10,000 web sites and we only knew where 200 were.

“We need to find a way to control this” - but don’t really have a carrot or stick.

Rather than a policy, we’d attract them by building something they wanted

a little bit of a challenge, all been writing open source code, we haven’t quite

officially not allowed to contribute anything

CIOS have been made aware and have to fight with the lawyers for ten years

got permission for something, pattern lab or distribution and it was a big deal

Open Berkeley has their own license, and ours is a variation of that.

Do you build it as a wide-open platform or do you pick a niche