Pitching Drutopia to Agaric as the focus for November

From the better-late-than-never department.

We have extra capacity, particularly for Micky, Chris, Clayton, and myself who are the most involved with Drutopia already.

A membership + donation drive for Drutopia will help establish if it’s viable.

Viable = $500,000 in annual income = 1,000 potential members.

Signing up 100 groups in presales in one month would be solid proof of viability. (Signing up 1,000 in a month, covering us for a year, is unfortunately unrealistic.)

If Drutopia agrees to divide up the income equally among people working on Drutopia, and treat Agaric as contributing three people and themselves two, after overhead we’d be able to pay for the four of us for that month.

We’d have to make a decision about how many resources to dedicate the next month, but if we get a few Drutopia+ sales (people paying $5,000 to $50,000 for strategy, design, or other work on top of Drutopia) we’re in good shape.

The plan:

Micky contacts five groups a day Clayton contacts ten groups a day Ben contacts seven groups a day Chris contacts five groups a day

Pitching November as coop growth / learning month to Drutopia:

TODO follow up with Amazee/Lagoon people.