Angie Byron on The Changelog podcast talking about Drupal

Angie “Webchick” Byron on The Changelog

started by developers, for developers

“In WordPress there might be seventy photo gallery plugins you choose from. In Drupal you build your photo gallery up from image modules etc. Mostly without code, but if you want it to integrate with something or do something crazy, you can write code”

Drupal is for “if you were a VCR kid”

“If you’re OK tinkering with things, and you kind of get a charge out of that, and kind of figuring out how stuff works, I think Drupal is a really really great solution. It is not at all a good solution if you want a website up and running in five minutes that you never have to touch again. That is not what Drupal is for.”

We at Drutopia respectfully disagree.

In defense of paying people to participate

can flip bits instead of flip burgers – that was their campaign. Saw Drupal on the list, which she only know

‘anyone can do this, and people are super grateful when you help’ i dove in head first i got way too into it, on all the teams it was 10 years worth of excitement built up (she was f) thought it would be done after Google Summer of Code; instead got a job now i have a much higher profile in the community because i worked my butt off for .. 13 years, helping others break through imposter syndrome

i’ve been part of communities where you’re dismissed for not knowing about something; in this

What does Drupal look like now?

Used to be relatively small core and un-opinionated. In recent years, in addition to being the box of legos you can make anything out of, it’s trying to include the things 80% of web sites will want: upload images, moderate content, do page layout building.

Making the out-of-the-box release more immediately usable.

so can work on the interesting part of your site right away.

directional change “make it more powerful out of the box”

What’s the most apples-to-apples Drupal competitors?

I like Drupal because i’m a fundamentally lazy person, and clients frequestly don’t know what they want, and when they want something new, Drupal can provide it.

SquareSpace, Wix, Tumblr definitely downmarket from us, and we’re not in that space.

The interview talked about how Drupal had things to offer to people building with Drupal in all different ways– as site builders, as programmers,

used to be business would say, to improve efficiency, we’re going to choose a content management system: IT department, go do that please. So techies bringing Drupal into larger organizations. Now the people who are using the system– the victims– get to make the decision. And Drupal would fall down flat, because out of the box it didn’t have anything for end-users; it had the tools for developers to add the things end-users needed, but that’s not what would end-users would experience in evaluating it.