Putting comprehensive h-card information on a separate contact page while keeping the main domain URL the canonical unique ID

19:16 <+mlncn> Is there any provision for putting (most?) h-card information on a contact page instead of the homepage? I’d expect that would be preferred to invisible metadata but i don’t see a way to tell bots ‘hey, look over there’ (and based on the first issue listed on https://indieweb.org/h-card there hasn’t been an answer to that) 19:17 <+jacky> what is representative h-card 19:17 <@Loqi> The representative h-card for a page is an h-card on that page that represents that page, if any, as not all pages are about a person or organization, a page might not have a representative h-card https://indieweb.org/representative_h-card 19:17 <+mlncn> And http://microformats.org/wiki/representative-hcard-parsing would seem (i’m having trouble following it) to mean that the h-card on the home page would be taken as the representative hCard, with no way to say there’s a better h-card for me over on my contact page 19:18 <+jacky> I think Zegnat has some experience with this; they have a pretty hefty h-card 9:36 +mlncn They put all their info at https://vanderven.se/martijn/ and https://vanderven.se/ is their family site, with no indieweb markup. So pretty sure all the info is on one page, and that’s his address: a rel=“home canonical” href="/martijn/" class=“u-url u-uid p-name..” 19:39 +[tantek] mlncn, I think the use-case is pretty clear, if you want to dive into markup / discovery, perhaps # dev might be better for that 19:42 +mlncn as in, the use case of putting information on another page is clear, but the way to do that is known to not be clear? 19:43 +mlncn (i’ve almost convinced myself that “contact information is important enough to go on one’s homepage” is a valid constraint…) 19:57 +[tantek] mlncn yes I think it is. a modern separate “contact” page should be much more useful that just providing contact info. 19:57 +[tantek] what is contact? 19:57 @Loqi communication in the context of the indieweb refers to using your personal website as a starting point and potentially way for people to contact you https://indieweb.org/contact 20:02 +Zegnat What is about? 20:02 +Zegnat … 20:03 +Zegnat On /about there are some examples of people having extended hcards/profiles outside of their home page 20:04 +[tantek] I wonder if it is worth writing up the thinking / tradeoffs of writing up past / draft posts by date order or by topic, and also addressing the question of interleaving or clustering post types 20:06 +mlncn Zegnat, thanks 20:07 +Zegnat mlncn the topic has been coming up more often lately. At least feels that way to me. So wouldn’t surprise me if people start to think more about how to discover such subpages automatically. 20:08 +Zegnat should be sleeping but saw an h-card question… 20:08 +mlncn As for https://indieweb.org/contact i’ve read this part a few times: “Add a contact card: Put an h-card on your home page with links to ways you want to be contacted, in your preference order.” and “Add a contact UI: Put that h-card on a separate /contact page on your website” with buttons to interact with different ways of contacting; and it still seems to be saying to get all contact info into the homepage h-card, and then duplicate that info somewhere that provides functionality 20:08 +mlncn Zegnat++ 20:08 @Loqi Zegnat has 42 karma in this channel over the last year (165 in all channels) 20:09 +Zegnat What time is it for Zegnat? 20:09 @Loqi In Zegnat’s timezone, Europe/Stockholm, it is currently 2:09am on December 31 20:09 +mlncn hehe 20:09 +Zegnat https://indieweb.org/about#separate_page could do with some more examples 20:10 +gRegorLove go to sleep, Zegnat! :) 20:10 +Zegnat goes

Filed this is an issue on our own web site project to handle as a followup:

Make a complete indieweb h-card for Agaric (and for each of our profiles)

Unfortunately there’s not an accepted indieweb standard for putting h-card information on a contact page instead of the homepage. On the plus side we might be able to propose such a standard.

Jeena’s about page is an example of an internal page that has more h-card information than the homepage, but unless i’m missing something in the markup there’s no way that it has of indicating from the home page for bots to go gather more information on the about page.

Another approach would be to consider anything we’d want to mark up as our organization-representing h-card as important enough to get on our homepage in a paragraph introducing ourselves or in an informational box:

This could go in a paragraph or in a sort of super-footer, but we can’t have an h-card that stretches from our name in the header to our mastodon account in the footer, because we’ll (want to) have other microformatted content (like our blog post teaser entries) in between.

CC @cedewey @wolcen

Older representative h-card notes

Your name

Microformats page says to also do this: