Nonprofits exist as a way for philanthropists to offgas the wealth that they are generating in the service of harm

and we in the nonprofit sector try to repair that harm

but it’s toxic

as if nonprofits can only exist if there’s

a lot of the money that supports nonprofits, in many cases the majority, is coming from regular people

but maybe 80% is coming from grassroots donors, but your organizational priorities come from the philanthropists and foundations that are funding your work– they’re running the show basically

this would be great to bring on people from the Grassroots Fundraising Institute

this money came from slavery, holocaust, diamond mines large amounts of money don’t come without harm if you go back far enough land, human time, effort where it’s coming from

in the cooperative movement, we’re really clear, we’re confronted with a choice: what is our central activity going to be at this point knowing what we know about how resources generated and money moves

how do we move the economy toward support of dynamic, living, loving life

the movement definitions of economics: the management of home

land food you can grow on it and begin to invest in systems