MNsure website failures

Online service problems

One of our internal services has failed. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please come back later and try to create your account again.

Response Code : HE000050 and Final Decision Code = RF2: Cannot formulate questions for this consumer. Please reference Final Decision Code.

RF2 : Cannot pin individual, not enough question to be generated, or questions were answered incorrectly.


M002 Error

An M002 error may occur during the account creation process if you have recently moved or changed names. MNsure verifies this information against federal data and recent changes can take a while to be communicated to the federal government. If you receive this error, please try your former address or name. Please note: On the MNsure application itself, you will need to use your current name or address.

… but that’s not the error i actually got.

I called the help number, pressed 2 for marketplace… and it hung up on me.

Bridget got through. Two options:

  1. The form to paper send in Account Request Form.

  2. Call Experian - 1 888 397 3742 - to try to resolve credit report issue.

Claiming my credit is locked. And that has to be resolved with Experian.

That’s… evil.

Bridget: “You’re basically saying we have to go a full year without health insurance, unless we had known 12 weeks before the 13th that your website wouldn’t work.”

“Are you sure I cannot s”

e-mailed from Bridget:

poor ben was trying to get health insurance fax number: 6514317770 fax out the account request form with a copy of your id. include a message that you dropped off the account request form and the application form in the hennepin county service center drop box on 1/13 “you weren’t talking to an account specialist before” once they process it, jennifer says “it will be past the deadline but it will probably automatically go to review”, or you may have to initiate an appeal and explain that you were unable to enroll due to the issue with account creation, and reference this issue that you were having today. name: jennifer, account specialist “vendor” rep who previously gave incorrect information and transferred me (was on hold for over 1.5 hours): cassandra jennifer says she has created a ticket in the system with today’s date 1/13/19.

save your screenshots as proof! if appeal happens, mention that you went in person and spoke with an assister at northpoint health and wellness center and hennepin county service center.

update from ben: an assister at the northpoint health and wellness center electronically submitted an account request form on 1/13/19. her name was Mai Vang Xiong, Intake/Outreach Worker MNsure, phone: 612 767 9168,