Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods


Plates are harder.

Always, always verify information from the data broker sites from other sources. These sites make mistakes, and you can ruin an innocent person’s life.

Protect yourself:

So many fash have businesses, like owners of boat dealerships and such.

Kiwi on court documents:

Minnesota makes them very easy.

and you can get to addresses.

Landlords can be found in civil filings— they get sued all the time. You probably need to search by their rental business name not their own name.

For pending cases you need more than just a person’s name— court calendar search, lawyer’s name might help

but when you do it for a landlord, you’ll see a whole bunch of cases with complaints about all the bad things they’ve done.

You can find cases where people were acquitted or took a plea bargain also.

Do be judicious in using this, because people can say they were innocent, but if you have reason to believe it, useful source of info.

Receipts as pertains to fascist: Finding someone who has committed crimes

so many are pedophiles, rapists, or have committed other violent crimes. Can be very useful at driving nazis out of communities. Only say if it’s true.

Kiwi: And don’t be a cop about this. If they shoplifted a bunch from Walmart, whatever. But domestic abuse is a high predictor for people going into violent extremist movements.

Cops have civil immunity so you won’t find out about their info, but 40% of cops are domestic abusers and that’s usually on their own time, and some of them get caught on that and end up in the court system.