Configuration management notes

Like that they separate the configuration into a different file.

Don’t like that they put it in an update hook.

Me: See what config overlay does to reduce complexity

It’s a different approach. Boils down to doing it the way it was done in Drupal 7; the part that would be in the database

if it’s very controlled, it will work.

If people hack, it would

Do try out config distro

Me: Still at the point of wanting the nuclear option.

TOML Drupal static site generator— it’s very interesting because every time you set it up, it installs the Drupal site from scratch and reimports all the content.

Hoping i can get someone to make a bridge between config_distro and ___

distribution updates as small diffs

then you let the user who manages the site decides which to bring in.

Don’t want to say the config sync is a bad idea, but for most cases it’s way overblown. It tries to cover every edge case.