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Jeff Geerling ‏

@geerlingguy 37m37 minutes ago More “It’s not me, Google, it’s you.”

After 11 years using Google Analytics on my personal website, I’ve switched off to using Fathom. Took me < 1 hour to build a (kinda robust) Fathom server on Digital Ocean with my new Ansible role + Docker container + Nginx.

Blog post to come.

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Jeff Geerling ‏

@geerlingguy 34m34 minutes ago More Average end user total page load time (including ext resources) is down to < 250ms

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Matt Glaman ‏

@nmdmatt 5m5 minutes ago More Thanks. After moving from AdSense to @codefundio I’ve wanted to switch off of GA.

Will have to check this out!

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