the pitches and proposals for Agaric Grassroots— er, Mycelial

For: Mass Global Action Black Immigrant Collective community housing


We take care of your web site for a fixed rate and continually improve it. It’s more expensive than a lot of proprietary services—which start at free—but it gives you more power and freedom.


Agaric will migrate four active websites to Drutopia. Legacy websites which are no longer used will be converted to static sites (viewable, but non-interactive and without easy editing capabilities) and hosted for free, forever.

Using and Agaric identified sites at IP address, Virtual Private Server (VPS). The present server is slow, with frequent delays in serving basic content for several seconds, and sometimes timing out entirely. Here are some notes on specific sites. In each category they are listed in alphabetical order.

Sites to migrate to the Drutopia cooperative platform

Sites to be converted to static sites

Already static sites

Already moved off the server


In addition, several domains without currently working sites were reported:

Several of these may have files or databases present on the VPS. Where desired, we can attempt to restore them from there, from backups which may be available, or from Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, and convert to static sites or migrate to the Drutopia cooperative platform.

Among other reported legacy sites:

We are offering to do the migrations pro bono.

The cost is $500/year per active site.

For all active sites, features will continually be added, security improved, and the experience of using the site made more joyful.

we will check in regularly to learn about your needs

features which are compatible with the needs of others in the Drutopia cooperative can be commissioned and paid for separately.