Exporting your content and data from various platforms

NationBuilder – Exports people, financial, and supporter action data to CSV files. Not clear that it can export other website content.

Wix – Officially, “cannot be exported”, “not possible” Drupal – views_data_export module (CSV, Excel, text, XML), built-in rss.xml and JSON serialization Joomla – Extensions such as J2XML ActionNetwork – Implements the Open Supporter Data Interface (OSDI) NationBuilder – Exports people, financial, and action data to CSV files Weebly – 3rd-party tool XML file (same WXR as WordPress) Squarespace – Exports to XML file WordPress – Easily exports to XML file Ghost – Built-in JSON, 3rd-party Markdown Hotel California - Can never leave GoDaddy Website Builder – Worse than Wix or Hotel California; won’t even tell you there’s no easy way out.

When all else fails: HTTrack

Then you

do for all https://gitlab.com/drutopia-platform/general/platform/wikis/competitors