Jack Garratt on why building a small non-profit site with Drupal 8 is OK


Jack Garratt



German socialism Geramn participation in the slave trade in 19th century Togo

Debug Academy - D.C-based training, courses


“and of course, most important, the donate button in the top right corner”

old D7 site had slideshow at the top (new articles and blog posts and calls to action) and straightforward content types: articles, blog posts, projects, and member organizations

Debug Academy Students - 13 students. And a

First month: command line, Git, HTML/CSS, responsive design.

Changes needed?

installing first module, this will be on web site, was intense moment for me

locating programs on a map:

geolocation field module with custom map markers with exposed filter

Layout Builder with Custom Block Types based on design:

Then you can place them whereever you want. Tricky thing as designer/developer is trying to guess how they will use them.

How to determine whether a small website with a limited budget using Drupal 8 is logical and feasible?

I wasn’t aware of the sense i’m hearing from the community now that Drupal 8 is leaving small sites behind.

Project manager broke down the project into tasks, explaining the general approach and connecting it to concepts we students had already learned: Sass, Views, Layout Builder…

Found sitebuilding (custom block types, adding forms, Views, even incorporating)

More advanced was git workflow, custom theming, Twig templates, looking up alter hooks, and learning to set up our local environments with Drupal VM and fixing it when it broke.

From client perspective, what was better was the layout builder to make basic pages.

Used VirtualBox with DrupalVM … worked well, just had to set that up. When that didn’t work for older laptops, like mine, had a remote [environment] set up.