Analytics, probably Google, and Funraise

pantheon record referrers google analytics via


We’re increasingly building out our own implementation of analytics software here, as thoroughly documented in #7511. Possible reasons that the referrer is incorrectly showing as itself include:

These and other things are all dealt with, or at least grappled with, by analytics software like Google Analytics.

This Funraise help post implies that their new version 2 has or will have integration with Google Analytics:

Another alternative is if Funraise can export its analytics, the module would allow a very clean set of referrer data, processed from Google Analytics (essentially what i would expect Funraise to do, if it would accept integration with the site’s Google Analytics account) and we could bring these sets of data together.

In short: I think this is a good time to review analytics strategy more wholistically before continuing to refine our parallel analytics handling.

(Note: Referrer information cannot be extracted from Google’s API in time to pass it into the Funraise form, which is why the parallel analytics work was started in the first place, and why i’m looking for ways to connect the buckets of data later.)

The preference is for the referrer information to be visible in Funraise’s analytics, rather than Funraise completion information to be in Google Analytics or some other location, correct?

Funraise has no API documentation i can find but it’s worth asking about the above. I can do that if given access.