A new contender for open source search?

https://jivesearch.com/ https://jivesearch.com/about https://github.com/jivesearch/jivesearch

They don’t talk about the indexing of the web at all, so i have to presume that they’re doing what DuckDuckGo does, and getting results from other search engines. (Long live MetaCrawler?) Indeed, the setup instructions involve a Yandex key.

So, they’re a LibreSaaS DuckDuckGo. Hey, that’s definitely an improvement.

Via Steve - https://disqus.com/by/disqus_1CdZNhqJ5T/

The only way to beat Google is to combine the resources of many, many people and the only way to do that is via open source. Bing hasn’t been able to do it even though they have a ton of money. Duck will never get there either, unfortunately. From a privacy statndpoint you will alos need something open source where users can view the source code. the ones that come to mind are YaCy, Searx and Jive Search.