Saving spreadsheets in a text-editable format

It’s bugged me for a while that while it’s a joy to replace blob-making rich text documents with a format like Markdown (or RST or AsciiDoc), which can be edited with Vim or any text or code editor and, crucially, committed to version control with human-readable diffs, there didn’t seem to be any way to do that with

one of the top search results is from 2003, though there’s at least one CSV file handler for Vim that’s regularly updated. The screenshot alone of that one scares me.

And apparently RStudio is an option.


So, first of all, with LibreOffice, it’s hidden as anything and the documentation contradicts what i’m about to say, but it does work:

Wola, you’re done, and you have a mostly full-powered spreadsheet that isn’t an utter sin to commit to version control.