How to have webform's configuration sync export with proper formatting

drupal 8 webform keep export with linebreaks istead to put several lines of config it display everything in one line

The discussion was getting morose:

I used to just not commit when there’s no changes. But i guess we have to just start letting them all slip into ugly formatting style?

there’s an export tool through Webform’s UI

but that means that every time that I update drupal there will always be changes

because drupal will remove the \n and will mark the YML as changed (because the \n will be removed)

and every time I will need to re-export all teh webforms

and update manually so I can be sure that there aren’t changes

I was considering let drupal do it and use its format isntead to every time go to the configuration and copy/paste format

dang. so it sounds like we should just accept the YML version drupal exports and not use the Webform UI approach anymore

otherwise we will spend time checking manually the webform changes every time we update the core

Then i found

Via Jakob Rockowitz of course ( )

And we can use Multiline Config until it gets sorted out in core