Stop Google from hijacking address invites to addresses that are aliases in gmail

The only solution is to disassociate your non-gmail address from gmail entirely.

My feedback on which was their link for “Learn more about alternate emails and how they’re used.”

Admit that you use the alternate address to intercept calendar invites sent to that address from other people’s Google Calendars, and give a way to turn this mis-feature off, so it reaches my alternate address and its usual event invite handling rather than only going to my Google calendar.

It seems once upon a time you had to explicitly tell Google to use a GMail alias or alternate address for calendar invites:

Reportedly it’s still possible to tell Apple’s iCloud to stop pulling the same trick in reverse:

I just figured out that there is a toggle in Calendar Settings on If you have an iCloud account with a email address, iCloud will indeed eat invitations sent from other iCloud accounts. But, if you go to > Calendar > click the gear in the lower left > Advanced > there is a toggle at the bottom of the pane for whether you want iCloud to receive invitations, or for an email to be sent to the email address.


As an aside, Google’s basically made aliases and calendars horrible however you want to use it:

I deleted the alternate address from my Google account. Now i can receive event invitations sent from a Google Calendar at my normal address and use Thunderbird’s Lightning Calendar and NextCloud (hosted by May First) to process them, same as i always could for event invitations sent by any other source.