Replacing a broken automatic garage door with manual or other-wise non-breaking garage doors

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Current garage door a heavy automatic one— broken since we bought the house. Now hopelessly jammed. Very likely needs to be replaced, open to manual swinging doors or whatever is affordable and won’t break.

Current door 9 feet wide by 7 feet high.

Garage in the alley behind the house. Available anytime today (Sunday) or tomorrow (Monday) from 8am-10am or 11am-8pm.


Home Depot has overhead doors, skipping any power or automation, starting at $500, closer to $800 with installation and a mysterious $79 “hardware upgrade” which is the only hope i have that the tracks and rollers and any springs are actually included with the garage door and installation.

Fallback plan:

Going with a $750 installation, no power but everything else definitely included, from Garage Door Repair Co Minn.