Monitoring multiple Drupal sites for core, module, and theme security status

Some general health monitoring would be nice but we’re using a couple uptime checkers, Monit and the proprietary (but no-cost for light use) Uptime Robot service to get the most basic “is my site up” info.

The real need Agaric has is to know which modules are installed on each site without having to keep a manual list of them. We were moving toward having everything built on a Drutopia base, which is another solution: So long as our various codebases, just a handful of different ones, are up-to-date security-wise, then all the sites are. But then we picked up several Drupal 7 maintenance projects, and the previous system (manual lists and just knowing what modules we’ve installed )

I knew i’d read about it before, and fortunately it is being maintained (new 2019 release) and improved (the big ones from 2017):

Drupal Remote Dashboard,

And such comprehensive,, documentation!

With being the module that goes on D6, D7, and D8 sites that are being monitored.

Also-rans, that unfortunately are easier to find:

Another possibility occurs (to wolcen) to use the report functionality (ahem…nearly completed!) in drutopia_hosting [it iterates all the sites on each server and slurps up version and other info from each], along with this drush module which performs the version checking to determine out of date modules. Unfortunate it seems drush pm routines used to do this and seem not to any longer.