Seems Ubuntu lost the ability to easily create .url file system shortcuts to web addresses

– probably not the issue, as i don’t even have the Make Link menu item at all.

And one of the worst threads on the internet, and that’s saying a lot, which i will not link to, wherein ‘helpful’ more experienced Linux users take offense at someone with the nerve to expect that if Windows and Mac do something a certain way, maybe it’s just a universally useful behavior. And not a reason to yell at them to go use one of them. There were like 10,000 words on that back-and-forth.

Heck, Mozilla expects it just to work, doesn’t even mention OS:

But for me with PopOS built on Ubuntu 19.04, it does not.

Hah apparently Edge breaks this useful behavior too (the dragging from part).

Is the problem that .url (let alone .lnk) are not universal standards?