Use Twig to create custom computed fields with conditional logic and token replacement

Allow Twig in Views token replacement is the great triumph i want everywhere.

Display Suite’s token field doesn’t have this.

But it should. I’d prefer just Twig to a choice of text formats for a field like this!

Field Token Value also doesn’t do this, but should.

(And both it should and Display Suite’s should only need to be added as a special composite field on the display side, not on the actual fields, the FTV approach, or some weird )

… OK fine i’ll just do it in the template.

I have this:

When citing this article, please use the following format: [node:field_authors:0] [node:field_authors:1] [node:field_authors:2] ([node:field_publication_date:date:custom:Y]).  [node:title] [node:field_subtitle]. Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO). [node:title]

And i just want it to be a bit smarter.