Getting laptops and other computing electronics used, good and cheap

for a computer, i use a Lenovo Thinkpad T430. You can get one of these on ebay for around $80. I replaced the harddrive in mine for an SSD so that ended up costing a little bit more, but now it runs about the same as a macbook air.

(I did the Lenovo T420 for about a decade, getting ~$150 replacements a couple times as needed and sticking my SSD and 16GB of RAM into the replacement, and will be back on it while hoping System76 finally repairs my insanely expensive Oryx Pro properly. Just bought a T420 for my mom too, and put Debian on it. Yes Debian these days is fine for tech-agnostic 70-year-olds.)

for a phone, you can get a Moto g5 plus. You can get these for around $50 on ebay. these work great out of the box, but if you want an upgrade motorola supports unlocking the bootloader and then you can install LineageOS for more of a new feel

it has great battery life and runs everything smoothly i’ve thrown at it. the camera isn’t the best, but it works fine for me. i’ve never gotten complaints about the quality of my photos, just if you are a photographer this might not be the best choice