Getting an old Verizon Kyocera Duraforce Pro phone to fully work on T-Mobile

Searched words:

There is sufficient overlap of networks:

And here are the instructions the awesome support person found and read to me:

He was not even the advanced technical support that he tried to connect me to, he just looked it up when they hadn’t connected back in an hour and walked me through it.

Now the sticking point is the tethering.

This documentation would make you think it just works: and also

Not with the damn Verizon software locking it down, it doesn’t.

Installing a custom ROM like lineageOS or even stock Android seems to be out of the question; it’s bonded to each special proprietary software with the network it started otu with.

Seems just getting it to root is beyond what is possible. Here’s the end of a 10-page thread:

The E6810 (Verizon) and possibly other models, include a setting in developer options called “OEM unlocking.” Ideally (and logically) it would grant access to the boot loader from boot menu which is launched by depressing the volume down button when powering on the unit. Sadly, the setting in developer options changes nothing when enabled and appears defunct. That means the boot loader is disabled deeper within the image and likely very difficult to reach. Therefore, one must employ more complex methods to gain root access such as exploiting a security vulnerability.

And another thread that gave up within one page:

There’s plenty of pages on the internet that claim to have rooting or stock sim instructions, but they all look like autogenerated, same instructions as for any phone but with the name and model dropped in, and don’t allow comments, so i bet none actually work.

This does work for non-HTTPS so i expect paying the $10 bucks and it would work.

But i finally saw the proxy option in Debian Mint, and it should work with the free

Clockwork Mod tether is another option, but the giant tarball that is installed with a script was less comforting to me than EasyTether’s .deb package.