Hax and Drupal

Checked out Hax again, more thoroughly in a Drupal context, because i will try anything to avoid diving deeper into the Paragraphs approach of having everything ever farther removed from the content itself. In this case, it’s content references. There’s a need for a collection content type to be able to reference other content (a book referencing chapters, a resource guide referencing resources, that sort of thing). So far, so good, but

There’s no one else, anywhere in the issue queue at least, thinking along the lines i am, and proposing ways to inject Drupal-managed entities into the Hax-controlled editing area.

Even the Drupal 8 user experience feedback is nice but doesn’t mention leveraging many of the things that makes Drupal great: the ability to have structured data (in a way the site itself, not, say browsers understand).

Also i’m not comfortable forcing the full rendering of web components on browsers. I think even with 100% support, most of the work of web components belongs in a build system. I just like the idea of a web-native way of doing that.

The approach is pretty straightforward: Build your own web components that do make use of data provided by the site— the author (user, profile, or content relationship), the title, heck a subtitle and short text that would also be used for teasers, the term references (tags, topics, labels etc.), any references to other content, or really any references whatsoever, including things in the media library.

Paragraphs is still where the community is, where the most developer energy is, and so the most likely to solve my immediate concerns: a reverse entity reference back to the entity that has the paragraph, not just to the paragraph.

But aside from the necessary inelegance and likely performance issues with any such solution (here’s a possible one), it doesn’t get us any closer to a unified content editor experience.

(Note that at least one thing related to Views and Entity Reference Revisions, which powers Paragraphs module, is three years not working without a fix quite getting in.)

Sort of where i’d like to go maybe the first step would be Insert module integration with Hax, and then the addition of Insert’s ability to handle miscellaneous Drupal fields: e-mail fields, taxonomy term fields, node reference fields, in addition to image and link fields.